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Stratasys and MakerBot Merger

Stratasys will purchase MakerBot for a $403 million stock deal. MakerBot was exploring another round of financing to fund expansion, but recent industry suspicions pointed toward a merger deal. MakerBot will continue to independently produce products after the merger. By … Continue reading

19. June 2013 by admin
Categories: Investing, News

How to Measure How Much Filament is Left in a Spool

If you run out of filament midway through a 3d print, it can be hard to recover the print.  If you’re not watching the print job closely, you can even damage your 3d printer.  To make sure you have enough … Continue reading

01. June 2013 by admin
Categories: Tutorials

3d Printing Saves a Baby’s Life

When a six week baby’s windpipe collapsed, blocking airflow to his lungs, doctors at the University of Michigan decided to try a new technique using 3d printing to save his life.  Glenn Green, M.D. scanned the baby’s windpipe with a … Continue reading

23. May 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, 3d Scanning, News

Why Buy A 3d Printer: A Child’s Perspective

On the Media posted a video about a 3d printing from an 11 year old’s perspective.   3d printing has recently become synonymous with controversy about gun control, but this video reminds viewers that most 3d printers are used for … Continue reading

22. May 2013 by admin
Categories: News

Defcad Fails Spectacularly

Defcad, the 3d file repository started by Defense Distributed to distribute their 3d printable gun files is shut down.  Defense Distributed test fired a low quality zip gun earlier this week that was mostly 3d printed.  The 3d files were … Continue reading

10. May 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printing IP, News

3D Systems to buy Arcam?

3d printing giant 3D Systems (DDD) announced today it is raising another $250 million to fund acquisitions. It will do this by trying to sell more stock they are issuing in a secondary offering. Given the size of the raise, … Continue reading

08. May 2013 by admin
Categories: Investing, Metal 3D Printing, News

More Printable Model Databases Launch

After the launch of 3DLT last week, two more sites selling 3D models have launched.  Forme It offers printable high-resolution models, and 3d Burrito offers an assortment of models.  Since the overhead of selling digital items is extremely low, we … Continue reading

06. May 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printing IP, News

3DLT is Not the First 3d Store for Printable Objects

In this age of overhype, the launch of 3DLT at Disrupt was hailed as the launch of the first store for printable objects by TechCrunch. Many blogs and a few news organizations repeated their claim without checking it. But anyone … Continue reading

01. May 2013 by admin
Categories: News

Full Color PLA Printer – BotObjects

While it sounds like vaporware, BotObjects claims to have the first full color PLA 3d printer.  The ProDesk3D will use a five cartridge system that blends filament in the correct proportions to print in full color.  The correct proportion of … Continue reading

27. April 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers

3d Printed Custom Surfboards

Made Boards is creating the first 3d printed custom surfboards based on your body and ride style.  They collect data about your weight, style, and water conditions you typically ride on.  Then they use similar techniques to hand-crafted boards to create … Continue reading

23. April 2013 by admin
Categories: News

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