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Buy Small Test Batches of Color Filament

As a creator of 3d products, I find myself visualizing the shape of the print, then the color it would be best in. When I want to print a tiny goldfish model in orange, I usually give up, because who … Continue reading

24. January 2013 by admin
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USPTO Additive Manufacturing Meeting Recap

The US Patent and Trademark Office held a meeting today of the Additive Manufacturing Partnership. The open sessions seemed to be informative as a 3d printing introduction, but with an unclear overall purpose. Presenters on behalf of Stratasys and 3D … Continue reading

23. January 2013 by admin
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Interview with Mixee Me Co-Founder Aaron Barnet

Mixee Me makes it easy to make 3d printed cartoon versions of yourself and friends with their free online figurine designer.  Mixee Me Co-Founder Aaron Barnet took some time to answer our questions about Mixee Me’s growth, its technology, and … Continue reading

22. January 2013 by admin
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3d Print your Facebook Profile

The creators project teamed up with three noted designers to create 3d printing apps for facebook. The facebook apps use data from your usage of facebook to create a unique 3d printed model that reflects your profile and its connections. … Continue reading

21. January 2013 by admin
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Obama’s Gun Control and 3d Printing High Capacity Magazines

On Wednesday, President Obama delivered a speech advocating gun control legislation.  One provision he endorsed was to limit magazine size to 10 rounds.  While adding the provision might limit the spread of larger magazines among hobbyists, 3d printing provides an … Continue reading

17. January 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printed Firearms, News

iMaterialise Working on Dual Material models?

A reporter from recently got a tour behind the scenes at the Brussels factory of Materialise, the parent company of iMaterialise.  Among the slideshow showcasing many beautiful 3d prints were two glimpses at a print done with mixed transulucent and … Continue reading

15. January 2013 by admin
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3d Printing Dinosaur Fossils Instead of Digging

Palaentologist Sergio Azevedo could have dug out the fossil he found by hand, painstakingly chiseling away rock bit by bit, hoping he didn’t accidentally shatter a dinosaur tooth with one misstep. Instead, he 3d printed the bones. He used a … Continue reading

10. January 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Scanning, News

MakerBot Replicator 2X

At CES, MakerBot announced their newest model 3d printer, the MakerBot Replicator 2x.  This new model increases the build volume from 410 cubic cm, and uses a sturdier, stronger ABS plastic for its extruder.  It can deposit in layers up … Continue reading

09. January 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, News

Photos to 3d Models with Cubify Capture

3d Systems is challenging Autodesk’s 123d Capture tool with their new Cubify Capture.  The website allows you to upload a set of images, and the server will generate a 3d model from the images.  As we said in the 123D … Continue reading

09. January 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Scanning, News, Tutorials

3d Printing Computational Architecture

We have seen brief glimpses into what the future of architecture has been with stories about 3d printed houses. But only when 3d printed architectural components are inexpensive enough to realistically use in houses will we see the true capability. … Continue reading

04. January 2013 by admin
Categories: Fractal Printing, News

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