Buy Small Test Batches of Color Filament

As a creator of 3d products, I find myself visualizing the shape of the print, then the color it would be best in. When I want to print a tiny goldfish model in orange, I usually give up, because who wants a full spool of bright orange filament? 3d Printer Joseph Chiu decided he would fix the dilemma, and he’s opened a store that sells small quantities of colored filament. No longer do you have to buy a huge section of a strange color and only use it once, wondering what you’ll make with that aquamarine.

Each color comes in 100g increments of 1.75mm filament. This filament should work with Makerbots, RepRap, Up, Afinia, Solidoodle, and any other 3d printer that uses 1.75mm ABS.  Buy some, and let your creativity go wild.

24. January 2013 by admin
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