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3DLT is Not the First 3d Store for Printable Objects

In this age of overhype, the launch of 3DLT at Disrupt was hailed as the launch of the first store for printable objects by TechCrunch. Many blogs and a few news organizations repeated their claim without checking it. But anyone … Continue reading

01. May 2013 by admin
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3d Printed Custom Surfboards

Made Boards is creating the first 3d printed custom surfboards based on your body and ride style.  They collect data about your weight, style, and water conditions you typically ride on.  Then they use similar techniques to hand-crafted boards to create … Continue reading

23. April 2013 by admin
Categories: News

NAMII Crowdsourcing Demo

NAMII, the national additive manufacturing innovation institute, wants you to help demo crowdsourced 3d printing at the First Robotics Competition Championship.  They put out a call to action asking for companies and individuals to mail them 3d prints of a … Continue reading

16. April 2013 by admin
Categories: News

3d Print GCode Store: Grain3d

Grain3d has a unique solution to the issue of how to sell 3d files without giving away the originals.  When buying an item to 3d print on your own printer, Grain doesn’t send you the original stl or obj file.  Instead, … Continue reading

09. April 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printing IP, News

Where to find Models for 3d Printing

Once you have a 3d printer, you’ll need some content to start printing.  Here are a few repositories that have free and paid 3d models ready for 3d printing. Thingiverse The largest 3d printing community resource, with tens of thousands … Continue reading

05. April 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printing IP, News, Tutorials

RigidBot: Extendable, Affordable 3d Printer on Kickstarter

The RigidBot, a new entry into the affordable category of consumer 3d printers distinguishes itself by its extendability.  The printer uses standard components that they claim are available at any big hardware store.  So if the base build volume of … Continue reading

02. April 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, News

EFF Asks for Help Fighting Bad 3D Printing Patents

With a large number of patents being applied for and granted in the growing space of 3D printing, sometimes the patent office can be overwhelmed and grant overly generic patents, or invalid patents that already have prior art.  The Electronic … Continue reading

18. March 2013 by admin
Categories: 3D IP, 3d Printing IP, News

MakerBot Digitizer Scanning for 3D Printing

MakerBot announced today a new product called the MakerBot Digitizer.  The Digitizer combines laser and camera sensor input to scan an item on a rotating platform.  The 3d model of the scan can then be 3d printed on a Makerbot … Continue reading

08. March 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Scanning, News

Open Design Stereolithography with sLAMPS

With over a week left to go, the indiegogo project to create a low cost Stereolithographic 3d printer has already exceeded its funding goals.  Much like Kickstarter, indiegogo gives inventors access to crowdsourced funding.  Justin Hawkins started the project to create … Continue reading

06. March 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, News

3d Printing to a Vending Machine

Will everyone have a personal 3d printer in their home, or will they use service centers?  Dreambox envisions people queuing prints to a local vending machine.  You’d upload the design to the website or pick from a marketplace.  Then your print … Continue reading

04. March 2013 by admin
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