3d Printed Gummi Bears

The Cad Technology class at the University of Washington had a problem.  Who wants to bite off their own head?  The class recently experimented with creating gummi versions of themselves with 3d scanning and 3d printing. Using ReconstructMe to scan themselves, the students cleaned the models using Rhino, then made them into a 3d printed mold, which they waxed after printing to make them more food-safe.


all pics from Sydney Dahl

They used food-grade silicone with the reverse molds to make the final molds.


After a few false starts, they found that using non-stick spray to coat the interior led to the best gummi humans.  They melted gummi bears down and filled the mold with the liquid.  After setting overnight, the gummi 3d scan was ready to eat.  But the real question is, who wants to bite off their own head?

16. January 2013 by admin
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