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How To Automatically Detect Filament Jams

Some new 3d printers have complex systems that allow them to detect filament feed jams. If your settings aren’t quite right, or your bed isn’t level, or you don’t use high quality filament, a jammed filament will result in your … Continue reading

08. October 2014 by admin
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Gloves for Acetone Usage

Acetone is a versatile tool for finishing 3d prints. A vapor bath can smooth layer lines in ABS to make 3d prints have a surface finish like injection molded parts. But exposure to acetone can damage your skin, causing chemical … Continue reading

11. June 2014 by admin
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Disposing of Limonene

One of the easiest ways to get reliable prints of complex objects is by using HIPS filament.  Makerbot dissolvable filament is HIPS.  HIPS, a special polystyrene filament, dissolves in the chemical limonene, sometimes known as dilimonene or d-limonene.  Limonene dissolves … Continue reading

17. April 2014 by admin
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Microsoft breaks NetFabb cloud repair

A simple tool many 3d printer enthusiasts and professionals use to fix problem models is the cloud 3d model repair by netfabb.  It repairs models that the basic version of netfabb can’t, and does it in the cloud, so your … Continue reading

04. April 2014 by admin
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Is ABS Recyclable?

With failed prints, support structures, and prototypes, a 3d printing workspace can generate lots of waste plastic.  3d printing is typically more environmentally friendly, due to less waste material, lower transportation costs, and on-demand prints.  But to make your 3d … Continue reading

21. February 2014 by admin
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Not 3D Printing: Melt Icepops

Companies trying to capitalize on the cool factor of 3d printing are falsely claiming their products are 3d printers. A new example of this comes from the Melt Icepops, a Netherlands company that makes flavored icepops. As described in various … Continue reading

21. January 2014 by admin
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3D Systems CubePro

3d Systems announced a new entry into the prosumer level 3d printer market with the CubePro. The CubePro supports three colors over a huge build space of 10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5”. The final price is likely to be just … Continue reading

06. January 2014 by admin
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How to Replace MakerBot Filament Mid-Print

MakerBot Replicator lets you switch filament out in mid-print easily with the LCD menus.  If your reel of filament is running low, or you’re doing some advanced color switching, here’s how to safely switch the filament. Press Filament Change in … Continue reading

22. November 2013 by admin
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3D Systems Buys The Sugar Lab

3D printing giant 3D Systems announced they have completed purchase of The Sugar Lab, a small startup dedicated to exploring a new way of 3D printing directly in sugar.  Their machines allow direct deposit of sugar, building complex objects with … Continue reading

11. September 2013 by admin
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Problems with Windows 8.1 3D Printing API

Microsoft announced yesterday it will add native 3d printer support to Windows 8.1.  The new version of the operating system adds an API to allow developers to use 3d printers as if they were standard 2d printers.  System dialogues will … Continue reading

27. June 2013 by admin
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