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How To Automatically Detect Filament Jams

Some new 3d printers have complex systems that allow them to detect filament feed jams. If your settings aren’t quite right, or your bed isn’t level, or you don’t use high quality filament, a jammed filament will result in your … Continue reading

08. October 2014 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, Tutorials

3D Systems CubePro

3d Systems announced a new entry into the prosumer level 3d printer market with the CubePro. The CubePro supports three colors over a huge build space of 10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5”. The final price is likely to be just … Continue reading

06. January 2014 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers

3D Systems Buys The Sugar Lab

3D printing giant 3D Systems announced they have completed purchase of The Sugar Lab, a small startup dedicated to exploring a new way of 3D printing directly in sugar.  Their machines allow direct deposit of sugar, building complex objects with … Continue reading

11. September 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, 3d Printing IP

Problems with Windows 8.1 3D Printing API

Microsoft announced yesterday it will add native 3d printer support to Windows 8.1.  The new version of the operating system adds an API to allow developers to use 3d printers as if they were standard 2d printers.  System dialogues will … Continue reading

27. June 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, 3d Printing IP, News

3d Printing Saves a Baby’s Life

When a six week baby’s windpipe collapsed, blocking airflow to his lungs, doctors at the University of Michigan decided to try a new technique using 3d printing to save his life.  Glenn Green, M.D. scanned the baby’s windpipe with a … Continue reading

23. May 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, 3d Scanning, News

Full Color PLA Printer – BotObjects

While it sounds like vaporware, BotObjects claims to have the first full color PLA 3d printer.  The ProDesk3D will use a five cartridge system that blends filament in the correct proportions to print in full color.  The correct proportion of … Continue reading

27. April 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers

RigidBot: Extendable, Affordable 3d Printer on Kickstarter

The RigidBot, a new entry into the affordable category of consumer 3d printers distinguishes itself by its extendability.  The printer uses standard components that they claim are available at any big hardware store.  So if the base build volume of … Continue reading

02. April 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, News

Large Format 3d Printing with Gigabot

The first consumer level large format printer just announced they’ve raised twice as much as their funding goals on Kickstarter.  Gigabot, the first product from Austin-based startup re:3D brings huge sized prints to a low price point.  The build envelope is … Continue reading

12. March 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers

Open Design Stereolithography with sLAMPS

With over a week left to go, the indiegogo project to create a low cost Stereolithographic 3d printer has already exceeded its funding goals.  Much like Kickstarter, indiegogo gives inventors access to crowdsourced funding.  Justin Hawkins started the project to create … Continue reading

06. March 2013 by admin
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3d Printed Meat CEO Interview on Reddit

Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadows just finished a “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit with updates on their 3d printed meat research.  We explored 3d printed meat back when Modern Meadows was just getting preliminary results, and they’ve now successfully … Continue reading

27. February 2013 by admin
Categories: 3d Printers, News

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