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3D Systems to buy Arcam?

3d printing giant 3D Systems (DDD) announced today it is raising another $250 million to fund acquisitions. It will do this by trying to sell more stock they are issuing in a secondary offering. Given the size of the raise, … Continue reading

08. May 2013 by admin
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Finishing 3d prints with silver: Francis Bitonti

Francis Bitonti Studio explores design using 3d printing as a tool.  From algorithmically designed chairs and wall hangings, to designer clothing acessories.  One of the latest pieces is a 3d printed flatware set.  Bitonti uses 3d printed steel that is … Continue reading

07. January 2013 by admin
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What Are 3d Printers Bad At?

It seems all we hear about are the benefits of 3d printing, and how amazing 3d printers can change the world.  They can print incredibly complex models that would be almost impossible with standard manufacturing techniques.  They will bring about … Continue reading

31. December 2012 by admin
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The Future of Military Logistics is 3d Printing

The US Defense Logistics budget is estimated to be $454 million for 2012.  That includes replacement parts, fuel for transporting supplies, and maintenance.  The military logistics pathways spend millions of dollars shipping replacement parts across the world.  A proof-of-concept project … Continue reading

12. December 2012 by admin
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3d Printed Assault Rifle Parts

They’re not ready for real world use yet, but hobbyists have test fired an AR-15 Assault Rifle with a 3d printed lower receiver.  The lower receiver consists of the trigger and grip of the gun.  The 3d printed piece broke … Continue reading

04. December 2012 by admin
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3d Printed Jet Engines

A precision engineering company working on creating jet engines with laser sintering was bought Nov 20 by GE.  3d printing is getting to the point where it’s not only economical to do rapid prototyping with the machines, the high end … Continue reading

28. November 2012 by admin
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