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How To Automatically Detect Filament Jams

Some new 3d printers have complex systems that allow them to detect filament feed jams. If your settings aren’t quite right, or your bed isn’t level, or you don’t use high quality filament, a jammed filament will result in your … Continue reading

08. October 2014 by admin
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Disposing of Limonene

One of the easiest ways to get reliable prints of complex objects is by using HIPS filament.  Makerbot dissolvable filament is HIPS.  HIPS, a special polystyrene filament, dissolves in the chemical limonene, sometimes known as dilimonene or d-limonene.  Limonene dissolves … Continue reading

17. April 2014 by admin
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How to Replace MakerBot Filament Mid-Print

MakerBot Replicator lets you switch filament out in mid-print easily with the LCD menus.  If your reel of filament is running low, or you’re doing some advanced color switching, here’s how to safely switch the filament. Press Filament Change in … Continue reading

22. November 2013 by admin
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How to Measure How Much Filament is Left in a Spool

If you run out of filament midway through a 3d print, it can be hard to recover the print.  If you’re not watching the print job closely, you can even damage your 3d printer.  To make sure you have enough … Continue reading

01. June 2013 by admin
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Fixing First Layer Sticking Problems

Sometimes PLA and ABS printers can run into problems with the 3d print sticking to the print bed.  First layer adhesion is affected by many factors, so here are a few ways of how to make the first layer of … Continue reading

19. April 2013 by admin
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Where to find Models for 3d Printing

Once you have a 3d printer, you’ll need some content to start printing.  Here are a few repositories that have free and paid 3d models ready for 3d printing. Thingiverse The largest 3d printing community resource, with tens of thousands … Continue reading

05. April 2013 by admin
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Painting 3d Prints – PLA and Nylon

Without a multiple extruder setup, single color 3d prints can get boring after a while.  You can make your 3d prints more interesting by painting them.  You just need to know the right paints that will bond correctly to your … Continue reading

03. April 2013 by admin
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3d Printing Overhangs and Bridges

When you’re prepping a 3d model for printing, try to use the 45 degree rule.  If your model doesn’t have any overhangs greater than 45 degrees anywhere on your model, you won’t have problems with drooping or dropped loops.  But … Continue reading

07. March 2013 by admin
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Soluble Support Material with Dual Extruders – HIPS

A Rhode Island 3d printing meetup has been experimenting with printing dissolvable support structures on consumer grade 3d printers.  They found that a material called High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) can be dissolved in a chemical bath of Limonene, while leaving … Continue reading

28. February 2013 by admin
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What Should I 3d Print First?

When they get a new 3d printer, many people ask what should you 3d print first. Here are some standard test prints that people try first. These prints let you easily compare your prints against other people with the same … Continue reading

04. February 2013 by admin
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