3d Print your Facebook Profile

The creators project teamed up with three noted designers to create 3d printing apps for facebook. The facebook apps use data from your usage of facebook to create a unique 3d printed model that reflects your profile and its connections.

MonsterMe output figurines

MonsterMe output figurines


Monster me shows off what kind of profile you have.  Crystallized analyzes your connections and networks.  It builds a 3d crystal geode out of your networks, showing spikes and distances from your friends.  Astroverb shows a kind of zodiac generated from your word usage in your posts.

All three apps use shapeways to print.  Monster Me and Crystallized use the full color sandstone option, while Astroverb uses the metallic option.  All projects reflect a different view on the personalization of products 3d printing promises.  Instead of letting the end user customize his product, these apps automatically generate the final product based on your data.  The consumer does not have a hand in the process.  Is generative models instead of customized models the answer to the content question?

21. January 2013 by admin
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