List of 3d Printing Stocks

If on January 1st you made a portfolio of the pure play 3d printing stocks, you would have had a 22% gain by now.  In comparison, the S&P500 returned 4%.  What qualifies as a 3d printing stock?  Stocks with most of their income from 3d printers or 3d printing services.  What stocks are 3d printing stocks?  There are only five 3d printing companies with stock publicly available now:  ARMAVF, DDD, ONVO, SSYS, and XONE.  We compiled a full list of all public companies with links to 3d printing.

There are many other companies positioned to benefit greatly from 3d printing, but currently the amount of revenue they make from 3d printing does not qualify them as a 3d printing stock.  Here is a full list of stocks of public companies associated with 3d printing in the press and investing news.

Symbol Name Company Size % of Revenue from 3d printing
ARMAVF Arcam AB 139M 100%
ONVO Organovo Holdings 213M 100%
DDD 3d Systems 3.69B 100%
SSYS Stratasys 1.62B 100%
XONE The ExOne Company 376.58M 100%
DASTY Dassault Systemes SA 13.75B ~2%
ADSK Autodesk, Inc 8.66B <1%
ANSS Ansys, Inc 7.00B small
CIMT Cimatron Ltd 105M small
PMTC PTC Inc 2.85B small
PRCP Perceptron, Inc 57.49M small
HPQ Hewlett-Packard Company 33.08B tiny
ADBE Adobe 19.36B n/a
EXA Exa Corporation 126.00M n/a
PRLB Proto Labs, Inc 1.26B n/a

Note that the company size is the market cap, or what the stock market currently thinks the company is worth, not how much money they have made.  For all but the pure play 3d printing stocks – those with 100% of their revenue from 3d printing or 3d printing services, a large amount of guesswork and assumptions based on financial reports has to be factored in.

Overall, 3d printing is still a tiny seed in the marketplace, and has yet to fully impact the numbers of many companies.  Many of the companies above are not currently focusing on 3d printing, but they have plans to enter the 3d printing marketplace, or there are rumors they are working on 3d printing.


Swedish company that produces industrial metal 3d printers.   They use an electron beam instead of a laser to fuse the printing powder inside a vacuum.

ONVO – Organovo Holdings

3d Bioprinting startup.  Organovo recently announced a partnership with Autodesk Research to develop software for 3d bioprinting.

DDD – 3d Systems

3d Systems makes 3d printers, 3d scanners, and provides 3d content services.  Most 3d printers they sell are mid and upper range 3d printers, but they have recently been focusing more on consumer grade 3d printers.  3d Systems has been growing steadily by acquiring small 3d printing businesses and rolling them into their offerings.

SSYS – Stratasys

A big competitor with 3d Systems, Stratasys targets many of the same markets 3d systems does.  3d printers, 3d scanners, and content services.  Statasys has recently been focusing more on their 3d print on demand service, a b2b version of Shapeways.

XONE – The ExOne Company

Industrial 3d printers that print sand, metal, and glass.   ExOne recently completed its IPO and has soared in valuation. Time will tell if the valuation is sustainable.


DASTY – Dassault Systemes SA

3d design services, maker of Solidworks.  Most of Dassault Systemes revenue comes from virtual 3d design services.  They recently have been doing more with 3d printing software and design.  Many 3d content creators have found solidworks models very well for 3d printing, since the resulting designs don’t need as much cleanup for 3d printing because the models are using solids instead of meshes.

ADSK – Autodesk, Inc

Maker of 3d design tools autocad, 3ds, maya.  As of 2012, 20% of their income was from their 3d design tools.  But most of that is from the 3d animation industry and engineering design.  Over time, more of the engineering design will become 3d printing related.

HPQ – Hewlett-Packard Company

HP tested the 3d printing market with their own rebranded 3d printer which was a Stratasys machine.  They recently terminated their agreement with Stratasys.  The termination could indicate they are  making their own 3d printer, or it could indicate they have decided not to invest in 3d printing until the market matures.

ANSS – Ansys, Inc

Engineering simulation software.  Ansys mainly makes flow and fluid dynamics software for engineering simulation.  Their design tools are used in high end engineering tasks.

CIMT – Cimatron Ltd

3d CAD/CAM design software.  Cimatron can benefit from 3d printing, but is more focused on industrial manufacturing.


Makes design tools for manufacturing.  In a good placement to benefit from 3d printing, but more focused on industrial manufacturing.

PRCP – Perceptron, Inc

Perceptron makes measurement and inspection systems for manufacturing.  A small branch of what they’ve done is a 3d scanning platform.  The platform can be used for reverse engineering in conjunction with 3d printing.

ADBE – Adobe

Adobe doesn’t currently provide 3d printing software, but we’ve seen papers from their research division on 3d printing.  The papers seem to indicate they’re working on design tools and algorithms related to 3d printing.

EXA – Exa Corporation

Flow simulation software for manufacturing.  Exa software provides finite element analysis for stress and manufacturing design.  While their tools can be used for 3d printing, they are not directly involved in 3d printing.

PRLB – Proto Labs, Inc

Small batch prototyping from CNC machined pieces or injection molds.  Proto Labs is a next-generation manufacturing company, but it focuses more on CNC machined pieces and molds than 3d printing.

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