Twikit: Startup 3d Prints Your Awards


Another day, another new 3d printing startup.  Twikit, a startup out of Belgium, lets you create 3d printed awards.  Five different award styles let you input your custom text, then print it.  A WebGL window shows the custom design as it will be printed.


Twikit only prints in plastics, but augments the design with wood, either as a stand for the plaques, or as a backing for the gold-medal style awards.  The pricing ranges from €19.50 to €104 ($25 – 138).  Probably too expensive for a parent to give to their child, but perhaps the right range for a company award.  The website design is sleek and modern, although I saw a Dutch error message at one point.

Twikit is one of many startups we’re starting to see that let users personalize products before custom 3d printing them.  Mixee Me, Cookie Caster, voxelsprite, and many others are testing the possibilities of 3d printing for mass customization.  Twikit uses i.materialize to 3d print the designs, allowing them to focus on the user experience instead of the details of 3d printing.


19. December 2012 by admin
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