3d Printed Custom Surfboards

Made Boards is creating the first 3d printed custom surfboards based on your body and ride style.  They collect data about your weight, style, and water conditions you typically ride on.  Then they use similar techniques to hand-crafted boards to create the perfect board for you.  Surfboards, paddle boards, and sailboards can all be made with the technique.


All boards are currently printed on Stratasys 3d printers.  What normally would be hand carved from styrofoam, creating lots of waste styrofoam, is now 3d printed.  They take the blanks and wrap them in bamboo, then seal the frame in fiberglass to finish the board.  The shape of the board reflects the personal style of the rider.

The flexibility of 3d printing allows Make Boards to spend time on the finishing touches of the boards, while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.  They plan to launch a Kickstarter project this May to ramp up production.  What other sports equipment will 3d printing customize next?

23. April 2013 by admin
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